Sunday, March 25, 2007

Olive View 16 Miler - SF and HD

Today was a great run. First half of the 16 miler is on road. Starts flats then climbs to about mile 7. After mile 7, we catch a trail that brings us up and over the mountain back to Olive View Hospital.

Unfortunately, I didn't remember to take a photo until most of the runners had gone home. We had a lot of runners today, almost 30. Many of the Hansen Dam runners joined us. Great runners.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Hector Lopez

Representing Wildmountain Runners
Time: 02:33:49 11th place overall - 1st place division

Jaime Ortiz
Time: 02:52:08
38th overall - 1 st place division

Carlos Galdamez
Time: 02:54:36
45 th place overall - 3rd place division

Carlos Mendoza
Time: 02:57:02

Rigoberto Contreraz
Time: 03:13:57

Victor Rodriguez
Time: 03:24:58

Freddie Perez
Time: 03:33:15
2 nd place division - Congratulations Freddie!

Jose *Cazador* Hernandez
Time: 03:43:44

(Jose is one of our newest member from South Gate)

Julio Jaramillo

Lily Vizcarra
and hired rabbit
Time: 03:51:21

Got legs?

Huntington Parque - WMR'S

Freddie and Abel run together for few miles.