Monday, September 03, 2007

42nd Annual, Mt. Baldy Run to the top - Labor Day

One of the most difficult races in California. It's approximately 8 miles long with a grueling 4,000 foot elevation gain. Starting close to 6,000 foot elevation in The Angeles National Forest with the finish line on the summit of Mt Baldy at 10,064 feet elevation.

Start line

Betty and Naomi at the starting line

Flaco and Arturo chat before the race.

(whooa... really cool shorts Flaco. Those sunflowers almost look real)

A BIG Congratulations to --

Carlos Larios 3rd Place Overall with an amazing time of 1:19


Arturo Valdez who finished 1:36. Arturo just ran the 50k Bulldog Ultra Marathon last week @ a blazing time of 5:07
Awesome job Arturo!

Mile 3

Mile 4

Mile 5 to the water station

View from mile 6

I am not walking, I am not walking, I am not walking...

okay maybe just a little

The interesting series of these steep inclines make it easy to tell why they call it the Devil's Backbone Trail.

Almost there, finish line just to the (3rd) mountain top

Betty finishes 1:50
Naomi 2:07

Victor Carillo: Fast, crazy fast


Betty and Naomi wave good-bye to Chris as they take the ski lift down.

(BTW... No bib, no $5, no ride back down. Next time sign up Chris!)


Blogger Barefoot Ted said...

Wish I could be there. Lucky dogs.


7:58 PM


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