Sunday, December 23, 2007

WMR Christmas Party @ The House of Gilbert

Don Paco and Naomi

Ernie and Doris

Get Down Freddie

"Won't you take me to... Funky town..."
Sylvia Mosqueda

Freddie and Wife

The Wild Mountain Runner Train

Who said white boys can't dance. Go Mark!

Oh my God! My wife will kill me if she sees me dance like this.

Robert Travolta

"I am not responsible if this man gets a heart attack" said Nancy

Cheek to Cheek

Bob dancing ( I think)

Group hug
Mario and special guest with Doris and Bob

Cool shinny shirt Douglas!

Dave dancing with Naomi and Nancy

Javier and Rosa

Come on let's dance Javier

Charlies Angels
It's raining men, alleluia, it's raining men...

How low can you go.

Sylvia dancing with family and friends

Bob & Donna chatting

Emilio and Mrs. Emilio

Melissa and Rosa still sober

WMR hot-eees
A very special thank you goes out to Gilbert and Family for hosting this years WMR X-mas party
Your home is very lovely


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