Wednesday, February 03, 2010

SAN DIEGO SPECTACULAR (This article was published Sept. 1990 Written by: Unknown)

The San Diego half marathon is always an exciting race. Although the prize money is limited, enough elite runners always show up to make the race one of the most popular half marathons in California. Last year only of our runners was in the top ten. Phil Apodaca came in all the way from New Mexico and surprised everyone with a fifth place showing. This year was more surprising as three of our Gatos placed in the top ten.Fredson Mayiek placed third, running an amazing 1:05:07 only thirteen seconds behind the leader Jose Luis Chuela of Mexico. What surprised everyone was that Fredson has been injured and had trained very little. He said that he went to San Diego expecting to place with the first twenty runners. Fredson should be congratulated for his admirable race. Oh yes, he took home $5000 in prize money.Second for the Wild Mountain boys was the ever determined Benito Cruz. Benito started with the front pack and with his relaxed running style he stayed with the leaders and place fifth overall. Benito took in $200 with a personal best 1:05:31. He was warmly congratulated by all the Gatos as he not only ran a spectacular race, but he succeeded in lowering his 1989 time.Wild Mountain Runner Danny Bustos flew in from New Mexico and apparently forgot to land! He flew to the finish placing ninth overall. Danny did not get paid for his fine running but did get a plaque and the satisfaction that he ran a good race. Danny stated that he felt that he could have run a better race if only he had spent more time developing speed.Alfredo Vallejo who had ran well the previous three races had to abandon the race because of abdominal pains. Alfredo, in his characteristically good nature way only smiled and is looking forward to the next available race.Congratulations to all other Wild Mountain Runners like Jaime Ortiz, Roberto Rivas, Rafael Moran, Raul "Skinny" Hernandez, Ernesto "Mostachon" Davila, Jose "Pepe" Gomez, Arturo Torres, Rafael Razo and to all the Wild Mountain Runners who did not compete but were there giving their support and encouragement


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