Sunday, September 16, 2007

Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Race 09/16/2007

Congratulations are in order -

Ruperto Romero: 21:35:26 Solid Sterling Silver sub 24 hour Buckle Award and

Bronze Rhino Award

Guillermo Medina: 22:50:40 Solid Sterling Silver sub 24 hour Buckle Award

Flaco Mendoza: 25:09:43 Second Sunrise Buckle Award and Bronze Ram Award

Barefoot Ted McDonald: 27:00:53 Bronze Ram Buckle Award sub 33hrs

Sterling Silver Buckle and Bronze Rhino Award

Ruperto leaving Three Points heading to Chilao

Flaco coming in from Cloudburst Summit (mile 42.72)

Flaco eating yummy frozen paletas (ice cream bars)

Three Points

Guillermo and Flaco coming in to Chilao checkpoint.

Ruperto Rumero

Flaco, Angel Perez and Guiellmo weigh in at Chilao

"The Crew"
Julio, Donna, Jaime, Sal
(Jaime was a pacer for Ruperto from Chilao and then again for the last 25 miles)

22 year old Tarahumara Indian runner named Carlos wears a pair of sandals, called huaraches, using only tire rubber and leather strips.
Tarahumara Carlos came in 3rd place overall with a finishing time of 20:10:33

"Let me catch me breath a minute..."

Chris inspired by Flaco. " Maybe next year Chris?"

Flaco receives Sterling Silver Buckle and Bronze Ram Award

Chris (15 mile pacer to Chantry Flats) picks up Solid Sterling Silver 24 hour buckle on behalf of Guillermo Medina , Solid Silver Sterling buckle and Bronze Rhino Award
for Ruperto Romero.

BFTed 2nd time AC finisher shows off his well deserved Bronze Ram Buckle Award. BFT cuts his time by 5 hours from last year.

Coming into Islip photo by Christina Hennessey

Ted ran with Vibram Fivefingers. AMAZING ! You Rock Ted


A Big Special
Thank You goes out to all the pacers and support crew -

Chris Quesada and Ramon for Guillermo Medina
Jaime Ortiz and Angel Soto for Ruperto Romero
Emilio and Carlos for Flaco Mendoza
Arturo Valdez, Jose Hernandez and Freddie Perez for Barefoot Ted

(more photos to come)


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