Sunday, September 17, 2006

Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Race - Sept. 16, 2006

Medina Pacers -

1st Pacer: Chris Quesada paces Guillermo Medina from Chilao Checkpoint (mile 52) to Shortcut (59.3 miles)

"Pacer of the day" Earlier that morning, Chris pace Donna at the 8th Annual 5K Run for Girls At-Risk. Donna places 1st in her division

2nd Pacer: Angel "Kenyano" from Short Cut (59.3 miles) to Chantry Flats (75 miles)

3rd Pacer: Emilio mile 75 to 100

A young Tarahumara Indian eating pretzels and gets his leg massage (mile 59.3)

"Go Dad Go"

Guillermo and Flaco cheerleaders: Marie Bell, Donna, Nancy and Emilio Jr

Chantry Flats (mile 75)

Guillermo weighs in before leaving mile 75 checkpoint
(If a runners weight is 3% below baseline, the runner will be asked to drink. If the weight is more the 5% below baseline, increased fluid intake will be stronly advised

Flaco @ Chilao checkpoint

Carlos paces Team Flaco Mendoza

The Flaco Mendoza Crew @ the Finish Line
1st overall finisher! " Oh, it's only Chris... nevermind" - Taken 3:00 am Sunday

Special thank you to --
Betty who made delicious champurrado (a delicious drink made with masa. Sort of like hot chocolate with a very fine cornmeal) and home made tamales at the finish line. The best tamales Ive ever eaten.


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