Monday, May 22, 2006

Did he cheat?

Did you know that this year's winner of the LA Marathon 65-69 division was a guy named Jimmy Toyama?

Jimmy Toyama lives in Hawaii. He is 68 years old. He was also listed as the age division winner last year, but he didn't receive his plaque. He didn't receive a plaque this year either. He didn't receive his plaques because he was disqualified, yet his name is still listed on the website. Why?

The real winner was Freddie Perez, Wild Mountain Runner Founder. Freddie is still listed as second place on the official LA Marathon website; however, Freddie has the 1st place plaque. He was unfairly pushed to second place by Jimmy. Furthermore, another local Sylmar runner named Trini was pushed from 3rd to 4th by Jimmy. Why Jimmy?

We would love to hear Jimmy Toyama's story. What happened Jimmy? Why did you do what you did?

Jimmy is currently running for the chairman of the Democratic Party of Hawaii (read about it here)

I wouldn't vote for him. In my book, he is a big-time LOSER.

However, I hope that I am wrong. I hope that it is just a simple misunderstanding. If it is, I will be the first to apologize to Jimmy, and I will be the first to congratulate him.

Let us know.


Blogger Ann Tack said...

Barefoot Ted: I am a LA Marathon Legacy Runner and was just reading the article on WMRC website about Jimmy winning the 65-69 age group but being disqualified. I got a second place award in my age group (60-64) and questioned it because I am listed as third in the results. I was told that Eva Von Bromssen (San Carlos) was disqualified - did not show a 10K time. She apparently had been disqualified in a previous year too. It just seems like a coincidence. Ann Tack (

7:22 PM

Blogger Barefoot Ted said...

Howdy Ann

I am not exactly following your coincidence analogy. Do you mean that it happenning or that it is some sort of problem with the way the race is tracked?

There are a few more details (if I didn't mention them in the story):

1.) Jimmy seems to have done the same thing last year.

2.) Jimmy does not show up in photos except at or near the finish...both years.

3.) Jimmy changed his name by one letter between last year's race and this year's race and did not give a real address.

Jimmy were to just write us and explain, that would help.

Is there not one person out there who can defend Jimmy, speak up. Courage.

7:51 PM


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